Novel Antimicrobials and AMR Diagnostics 2019

Programme - Day 2

Overview of preliminary programme structure

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08:00–17:00 Registration, Poster Presentations and Exhibition open
08:45–08:50 Opening Remarks
by conference organizer BIOCOM AG
08:50–10:30Plenary Session

Update and progress report with regard to AMR innovations for human and animal health

The plenary session will give a progress report on AMR innovations and financing in the therapeutics and diagnostics field. A focus will be on developments relevant for SMEs. It will particularly address financial and cooperation issues as well as the need for an efficient coordination between different international stakeholders from the public and private sector.

• John Rex, F2G Ltd., UK (Chair & Moderation)
• Peter Beyer, WHO (Summary of Policy Forum Day 1 & Presentation preclinical & clinical pipeline report)
• Aleks Engel, Novo REPAIR Impact Fund (Update of activities & first investments), DK
• Alex van Belkum, bioMérieux, FR

Panel Debate: Too many cooks spoil the broth: Is the AMR field getting over-coordinated by public and private initiatives? What is really needed to drive innovation?

Additional panelists:
• Elmar Nimmesgern, Global AMR R&D Hub
• Jonathan Pearce, Medical Research Council, UK & JPIAMR
• Cuong Vuong, AiCuris GmbH, DE
• Michael Mourez, Evotec ID Lyon, FR

11:00–12:30Parallel Sessions

Session 3
Clinical Development & Regulation

The focus of track 3 will be on the challenges which come along with clinical development of new antimicrobials thereby having a focus on trial design for non-traditional routes and the need for new guidelines, the value of clinical trial networks and measures in preclinical development that could reduce attrition in clinical phases. The session will start with case studies from clinical stage SMEs, followed by clinical network insights and a structured Q&A session with regulatory experts. 

• Helmut Kessmann, Polyphor Ltd, CH
• Glenn Dale, BioVersys, CH
• Florence Séjourné, Da Volterra, FR
• Sven Hobbie, Juvabis AG, CH (ENABLE Case study)
• Seamus O'Brien, GARDP
• Edward Cox, FDA
• Sumathi Nambiar, FDA

Session 4
Market Access - UK as a new international role model for novel incentives?

The session will discuss one of the major topics in the AMR community: the broken economic model. It will focus on current instruments available to incentivise AMR innovation and looks at new PUSH and PULL strategies proposed by experts. The new de-linked payment model proposed by the UK government in January 2019 will be among the topics discussed: Could it be a role model for other national governments?

A panel will shed light on the SMEs perspective: what are their needs with regard to reimbursement and return of investment and which instrument would fit the best to support growing the community and how much coordination on the global level is needed?

• Elmar Nimmesgern, Global AMR R&D Hub (Chair & Moderation)
• Marie Petit, BEAM Alliance & Villiger Valuation, FR
• Colm Leonhard, National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), UK
• Jeremy Knox, Wellcome Trust, UK
• Enrico Baraldi, Uppsala University, SE
• Achim Plum, Curetis N.V., DE

Session 5
Surveillance – A new tool to improve R&D for drugs and diagnostics, the challenge of data integration and the role of large industry/SMEs

The session will have a special focus on how surveillance data can be used to create a more efficient, reliable and successful drug and diagnostic development process to combat antibiotic resistance in the long-term. It will present current strategies and international efforts of sharing and collecting existing data and will discuss the role of industry and SMEs within this challenge. Another aspect will cover the challenges to integrate human and animal health data and the related challenge to identify relevant diagnostic tools.

• Ghada Zoubiane, Wellcome Trust, UK
• Didem Torumkuney, GlaxoSmithKline, UK
• Adam Zerda, Becton Dickinson, US
• Manuel Villegas Caballero, Swiss Re, CH
• Clive Mason, Summit Therapeutics & Member of the BEAM Alliance

12:30–14:00Lunch, Exhibition and Poster Presentations
14:00–15:30Parallel Sessions and Investor Partnering

Session 6
Therapeutics (humans)

This session will focus on innovative SMEs with more traditional human therapies like small molecules or peptides to directly target resistant bacteria. The session will be jointly moderated by BEAM Alliance and CARB-X.

• Rich Lawson, CARB-X, US 
• Marc Gitzinger, BioVersys AG, CH 
• Marc Lemonnier, Antabio SAS, FR
• Els Beirnaert, CEO, Aelin Therapeutics, BE
• Paul Meo, Summit Therapeutics plc, UK
• Andrew Lightfoot, Procarta Biosystems, UK

Session 7
Diagnostics (humans)

This session will focus on the relevance of diagnostics in the fight against antimicrobial resistance and provides an overview of the most recent developments in this area. Speakers from different companies will highlight new diagnostic tests or panels for either susceptibility, point-of-care or point-of-prescription testing.

• Till Bachmann, University of Edinburgh, UK (Chair)
• Cecilia Ferreyra, FIND & Diagnostic Use Accelerator, CH
• Danuta Cichocka, Resistell, CH
• Christer Malmberg, Gradientech, SE
• Colin Denver, SpeeDx, AUS
• Katarzyna Pala, SensDX, PL 
• Iain Miller, SAW DX, UK

Session 8
Animal Health

To address the one health approach in tackling spreading antimicrobial resistance and the growing need for alternatives to antibiotics, track 8 will present therapeutic and diagnostic innovations in animal health showcasing new antimicrobial approaches and innovative AMR diagnostics for usage in veterinary settings. The session particularly aims at providing insights into possible synergies between human and animal health experts to fight AMR.

• Robert Skov, ICARS, Statsen Serum Institut, DK

• Dagmar Köhler-Repp, Ripac Labor GmbH, DE
• Sven Arnouts, PROVAXS - Ghent University, BE
• Katja Mertens-Scholz, Friedrich Loeffler Institute/ Federal Institute for Animal Health, DE
• Mikkel Bender, BKG Vet Pharma, DK
• Martin Griessl, Lisando GmbH, DE
• Gwynneth Thomas, Stonehaven Incubate AG

Investor Partnering
Pre-scheduled 1-to-1 meetings (13:30–15:30)
16:00–17:30Plenary Session

Financing Session
Start-up Pitch and Investor's Talk

Traditionally, a session on early financing opportunities will close the conference. The session will be opened by 5-minutes pitches of 7 AMR therapeutic and diagnostics start-ups. The pitches will be ranked by a Jury of investors and representatives of funding initiatives from across the globe. The session will then be closed by a panel debate with representatives from private, public and corporate investors as well as by company representatives talking about their success of having raised private capital with AMR innovation in recent times.

Start-up Pitches:
• Paul Ko Ferrigno, metaLinear Ltd., UK
• Mathew Upton, Amroplogix, UK
• Charlotte Bermingham, Vitamica, UK
• Franziska Mandl, aBacter, TU Munich, DE (pre-seed)
• Pierre Tangermann, PerioTrap GmbH, DE
• Piotr Garstecki, Bacteromic sp. z o.o., PL
• Matthew Cummings, CC Bio, UK
• n.n., Levels Diagnostics, NL (pre-seed)
• Timothy Schulz-Utermoehl, Pedanius Therapeutics, UK
• Özden Baltekin, Astrego Diagnostics, SE

Start-up Pitch Jury:

• Peter Jackson, AMR Centre, UK (Moderation)
• Emmanuelle Coutanceau, Novo Seeds, Novo Holdings, DK
• Karen Gallant, CARB-X, US
• Ruby Holder, Roivant Sciences, US
• Fiona Marston, Centre of Excellence Infectious Diseases, Liverpool Life Sciences Accelerator, UK

Panelists Investor's Talk:  

• John Rex, F2G Ltd., UK (Moderation)
• Emmanuelle Coutanceau, Novo Seeds, Novo Holdings, DK
• Karen Gallant, CARB-X, US
• Ruby Holder, Roivant Sciences, US


Poster Prize Ceremony

with Poster jury members
• Alex van Belkum, bioMérieux, FR (Chair)
• John Rex, F2G Ltd, UK
• Till Bachmann, University of Edinburgh, UK
• Olga Genilloud, Fundación MEDINA, ESP
• Mark Brönstrup, Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research, DE 

17:45–18:30Closing Reception