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BEAM member Phagomed – Ted Talk & Founder award

Biotech entrepreneur with TED Talk about phages and Phagomed

Alexander Belcredi is the founder and CEO of PhagoMed, a company which develops alternatives to antibiotics on the basis of viruses, so called phages. Phages have the positive trait that they attack and destroy bacteria. Hence, a potentially great companion in the fight against antimicrobial resistance. This December, the company which is also part of the BEAM Alliance, received the Austrian Founder Award in the category “Start-up International”. During last year’s Berlin Conference, Phagomed was chosen as a winner in the “Start-up Pitch” contest of the conference.

In his Ted Talk, Alexander Belcredi describes how he got fascinated about the topic, explains phages and how they search for and infect bacteria and how they might one day save lifes.

Watch the Ted Talk

See the also the European Biotechnology Magazine’s story about phages as alternative to antibiotics in the Summer edition 2/2018: