Novel Antimicrobials and AMR Diagnostics 2019


CARB-X launches new Funding Rounds

In late April, CARB-X announced its 2019 rounds of funding to support the development of antibiotics, vaccines, biotherapeutics, diagnostics and other...

REPAIR Impact Fund opens AMR investment proposal round

Today, the REPAIR Impact Fund opens its investment proposal round to European life science companies targeting antimicrobial resistance – the second...

BEAM Alliance is releasing a new position paper on PUSH Incentives

BEAM Alliance is releasing a new position paper on PUSH Incentives: ‘Supporting financial investments on R&D to de-risk antimicrobial development!

AMR Centre receives funding to fight antimicrobial resistance

The AMR Centre has received £2.3 million to support the expansion of its pipeline of new drugs to treat drug-resistant infections. Based at Alderley...

Bacteria may travel thousands of miles through the air globally

Bacteria may travel thousands of miles through the air worldwide instead of hitching rides with people and animals, according to Rutgers and other...

AMR Conference in Berlin: Call for better incentives

More than 330 experts joined the 2-day AMR Conference 2019 in Berlin. They called for rapid capital investments and economic incentives in the fight...

Press release | AMR conference: Global experts discuss AMR market and financing challenges

More than 330 international experts will come together in Berlin to discuss the most pressing challenges in the fight against antimicrobial resistance...

Interview with Kevin Outterson, CARB-X: Why expansion is necessary

We spoke with Kevin Outterson, Executive Director of CARB-X and speaker at AMR Conference 2019, about the recently launched expansion of the AMR...

CARB-X expands reach in Europe

CARB-X has expanded its reach by adding six partners from Germany, Switzerland, Denmark and India to its network.

How research in UK is progressing to tackle AMR

In Mid-February, the UKRI Cross-Council AMR Initiative hosted a parliamentary panel highlighted the importance of research to tackle AMR.

Evotec and Helmholtz Centre joining platforms for novel antibiotics

German stakeholders Evotec AG and the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research (HZI) have joined platforms in order to find novel restistance-breaking...

Insects and their microbiomes are a new resource for novel antibiotics

US researchers have shown that insect-associated microbes provide their hosts with protection against infections, suggesting that insects and their...

JPI AMR dashboard shows public investments in AMR

According to the newly published JPI AMR Research Funding Dashboard, the 22 member countries invested around 1.8bn€ in AMR research in 2017.

Pull incentives to happen during 116th congress?

US stakeholders active in AMR have sent a letter to US congress representatives urging the need for pull incentives.

Recida Therapeutics receives CARB-X funding

CARB-X funds US-company Recida Therapeutics to accelerate further development of the LpxC program to treat gram-negative superbugs.

NIAID updates AMR strategy

NIAID is updating its antimicrobial resistance program and is seeking public input into strategic approaches.

CARB-X backs Swiss Polyphor

CARB-X is providing funding for the further development of Polyphor’s new class of Outer Membrane Protein Targeting Antibiotics (OMPTA).

Start-up Amprologix receives £1.2million government funding

The British start-up Amprologix secured government funding to make its epidermicin NI01 antibiotic ready for the first phase of human clinical trials...

Draft resolution on AMR prepared for next WHA

The executive board of the WHO's World Health Assembly has agreed on a draft solution on Antimicrobial Resistance. Sustainable innovation financing is...

UN IACG released draft recommendations

The UN IACG has now released its draft recommendations. Until Februar 19, all stakeholders are invited to comment. A meeting in London will take place...

Antibiotic-resistant gene NDM-1 discovered in the Arctic

British researchers have discovered the antibiotic-resistant gene NDM-1 in arctic soils, far away of human presence. Only three years earlier, it was...

WHO calls for data to establish pre-clinical pipeline overview

The World Health Organization has published a first call to establish a pre-clinical pipeline overview in the field of AMR. GARDP supports the...

UK launches new payment model for antimicrobials

In order to incentivise drug companies to re-enter development of antibiotics, the UK government announced it will establish a licence model to assure...

FDA finalizes guidance on development of AST

FDA has finalized its guidance on how to coordinate development of antimicrobials and ASTs. In February, a webinar will take place.

BARDA seeks input on DRIVe Venture initiative

US agency BARDA is pushing forward its DRIVe Venture initiative. It now seeks feedback on this potential new novel public-private partnership that...

Novo Holdings funds companies with €18m

Novo Holdings has invested €18m from its €135m REPAIR Impact Fund into four companies and appointed John Rex as new chairman to the Scientific...

Public consultation for revised EMA guidelines

EMA has published a revised guideline that aims to strengthen the development of new antibacterial medicines. Over the next six month of public...

WHO: AMR among key health threats

The World Health Organization has published the ten threats to global health that merit special attention from WHO and health partners in 2019. Among...

CDC will update AMR report in 2019

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are working towards an update of their Antimicrobial Resistance Threats Report in fall 2019.

New phase 3 clinical trial results for a MDR-TB drug

A phase 3 trial of delamanid, a newer oral drug for treating multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB), found no statistically significant reduction...

Grand Challenges Meeting: Videos available

During the Grand Challenges meeting of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in October 2018, there was a panel discussion devoted to antimicrobial...

New drug resistant bacteria species found in China

In China, two new bacteria species have been found in patients’s blood. They were found during a routine blood test, the Microbiology Society reports....

Forbes: Why animal health startups should be thinking about antibiotics

An article in Forbes explores, why more startups in animal health should develop novel antibiotics and why biotechnology innovation is needed.

CDC: New antibiotic resistance threats report expected for 2019

Stat news reports an expert opinion according to which CDC will release an updated “Antibiotic Resistance Threats in the United States” report in the...

Two new species of antibiotic resistant bacteria found in China

Researchers of Sichuan University, China, report that they have discovered two new species of resistant bacteria in the blood of patients.

Ares Genetics advances AI-powered antibiotic resistance test

Curetis’ subsidiary Ares Genetics advances AI-powered antibiotic resistance test within a new project co-funded by Vienna Business Agency.


CDC awards US$15m to find solutions for AMR

The US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) has awarded more than US$15m for innovative research to combat antibiotic resistance.

France and Germany launch joint call for AMR projects

The French and German research ministries are launching their first joint call for projects on antimicrobial resistance.

Forge Therapeutics receives 2nd CARB-X award

Forge Therapeutics, Inc., a biotechnology company developing novel medicines targeting metalloenzymes, announced that it has received a second CARB-X...

Novartis provides data to SPARK

Novartis is donating data from its abandoned antibiotic research programmes on Pew's open-access SPARK.

AMR Diagnostic Challenge names five finalists

The AMR Diagnostic Challenge seeks innovative, rapid point-of-care laboratory diagnostic tests to combat the development and spread of drug resistant...

Thinking about how to fund AMR activities

How can AMR innovation be financed? A development dialogue paper by the Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation and the ReAct Initiative attempts to answer this...

NICE published impact report on AMR

In November, the British National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) published an impact report on antimicrobial resistance. The report...

Are novel antibiotics worth investing in?

Overview about current discussion about Push and Pull incentives/ New initiative started by SMEs to propel preclinical research

GARDP, Eisai, and Takeda join forces in the search for novel antibiotics

Novel chemical compounds ready to be screened for antibacterial activity

JPI AMR Joint Transnational Call 2019 launched

Funding available for transnational research projects developing diagnostic and surveillance tools to combat AMR

AMR Special Issue of Microbiologist published

Ten commandments on antimicrobial resistance

New European CARB-X Accelerator in Switzerland successfully applied to join CARB-X Global Accelerator Network

BEAM member Phagomed – Ted Talk & Founder award

Biotech entrepreneur with TED Talk about phages and Phagomed

British F2G Biotech bags €24m

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has lent antiinfectives company F2G Biotech Ltd €24m for antifungal research and innovation under the InnovFin...

Novo Nordisk Foundation to focus on emerging infectious diseases

Through its Challenge Programme, the Novo Nordisk Foundation is focusing on research on emerging infectious diseases. Applications may be submitted...

Antibiotic resistance spreading across Europe

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) has increased by 32% since 2007 in Europe, according to a brand new report.